Group of Jain Temples, Hampi

This is a case of mistaken identity. These temples are called/identified as jain temples owing to its architecture resembling jain temples. They have beautifully detailed pyramid shaped roof structure.

The fact is most of them are Shiva temples. But they are not functioning temples now.

They are located on top of the Hemakuta Hills, adjacent and south of the virupaksha temple. Walking/ climbing is essential to reach the top of this place. But not a very tedious kind of trekking.

 Theses are in fact one of the oldest cluster of temples in Hampi, much older than the empire itself. The most important of all the numerous temples scattered around here is the temple trio of Trikutachala (means 3 temples). These are located on the hill close to the Virupaksha temple. All the three temples share a common courtyard. It’s a great place to get an aerial view of the Virupaksha temple complex. Also a fantastic place to rest for some time. The veranda and the halls of the temples are really cool with nice breeze.

It would take around ½ hours plus to have a look at these temples. And another ½ hour plus to move around at the top area. May be some more time if you prefer to take a small nap or rest or something like that!